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1. Is it really possible to build a church in one day?
YES! Many One-Day Churches are built in less than a day.

2. How many One-Day Churches have been built?
Over 550 churches or schools have been built as of February 2010.

3. Who is managing the One-Day Church project?
ASI and Maranatha Volunteers International are partnering on this project. Maranatha will coordinate construction efforts around the world.

4. How much does a One-Day Church cost?
The One-Day Church can be sponsored for just $1,500. Funds are matched by other donors to meet the varying costs faced in different locations.

5. What is included in the One-Day Church?
The One-Day Church program provides a steel structure and roof—both components that are very difficult for a congregation to obtain on their own.

6. How will the One-Day Church be anchored?
Anchoring will be determined by local soil conditions. In most cases, 18 steel stakes will anchor the church. The churches are engineered to withstand wind loads up to 100 mph.

7. Who will put the walls on the church, and finish the church?
The local congregation is responsible for putting wall material on the church and finishing the floor.

8. Who will determine where the One-Day Churches will go?
Maranatha and ASI will work with regional leaders of the Adventist Church to determine where the One-Day Churches will be constructed.

9. How does a One-Day Church get built?
Local Union/Mission offices obtain land and permits and are financially responsible for the erection costs. Maranatha delivers materials and, under supervision, the local members or volunteers build the church in one day!

10. Can I buy a church kit for my own use or for a church location of my choosing?
The One-Day Churches are not available for individual purchase.

11. If I support this project, how far will my donation go?
For a gift of $1,500 you can build one church! $15,000 will build 10 churches, $75,000 will build 50 churches, $150,000 will build 100 churches!

12. Where do I send my donation and who should I make the check out to?
Donations can be made on our website, via credit card or a check can be made out to Maranatha Volunteers International and mailed to us at 990 Reserve Drive, Suite 100, Roseville, CA 95678.

13. Can I specify where I want my funded church to be built?
We will do our best to assign you a church on the continent you specify, provided we are currently building One-Day Churches there. You can contact the Maranatha office to find out where the churches are presently being erected.

14. How long after sending my money will I get a church assigned?
On average, it takes 8-10 months for donors to get a site assigned. Containers with the One-Day Church materials are in various stages of shipping at all times. It takes about 2-3 months for them to reach their destinations.

15. Will I receive notification when my church is built?
Yes, once you are assigned a church, you will receive a color photograph, the name and location of the church, and GPS coordinates so that you will be able to find the location using online maps.

16. Will Maranatha provide me with follow up pictures and information on the church I fund?
Most of the One-Day Churches are built in very remote areas. Maranatha’s crews erect the structure in one day and move on to the next site the following day. Due to the scope of the One-Day Church project, Maranatha is not able to send personnel back to finished churches to get follow-up information.

17. Can we send materials and supplies to the church we fund?
Since most of the churches are so remote, we do not have addresses or contact information for the local congregations, therefore making it impossible for us to assist donors in sending supplies.

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